Lower Antelope Canyon

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About Navajo Lower Antelope Slot Canyon Guided Tours
Lower Antelope Slot Canyon is one of the most exquisitely photographed attractions in the American Southwest.
This incredible canyon has been created over millions of years by the relentless forces of water and wind, slowly carving and sculpting the sandstone into forms, textures, and shapes which we observe today.The views in Lower Antelope Canyon change constantly as the sun moves across the sky, filtering lights softly across the stone walls. These ever-moving sun angles bounce light back and forth across the narrow canyon’s walls, creating a dazzling display of color, light, and shadow.
Visitors come from all over the world to experience Lower Antelope Canyon’s majestic beauty. Lower Antelope Canyon is a “Bucket List” must do!
Lower Antelope Canyon
A Short Video Introduction

Lower Antelope Canyon Reviews

  • Ph**********ET
    2024-02-05 02:41:32

    The site is user friendly but it was a bit complicated to buy 4 tickets for Lower Antelope Canyon 3 months in advance. However, after I sent an email I received a quick and clear answer and the problem was solved. Congratulation !

  • KE***NG
    2024-02-04 22:57:45


  • Br*********er
    2024-02-01 20:02:17

    Easy to select date and time. Quick and efficient options led to a speedy process.

  • HU******NG
    2024-01-30 09:11:44

    Easy booking process

  • YO********NG
    2024-01-28 07:34:51

    It was great and wonderful experience. Guide was very kind and explaind lower antelope canyon detail.

  • si*********on
    2024-01-16 10:27:14

    Jimi Vegas was wonderful. He was funny and helpful. The bus should have been little clean. Everything else is fine.

  • L**UN
    2024-01-14 20:42:16


  • El************ra
    2024-01-14 20:06:38

    Made it easy for me to book my tours. Very helpful and great with responding quickly to my questions.

  • Mo*********ik
    2024-01-05 12:24:31

    We absolutely loved them , it’s just it is an expensive trip . But then it was worth … The people who work absolutely love their job and seems happy with their work . Thanks for the great experience

  • Gu******Xu
    2024-01-04 16:24:16

    this is really good!!!

  • NA********IM
    2024-01-02 22:53:18

    It's a great experience! We were in trouble because we made the wrong reservation, but it went well as planned because the staff was so kind! Thank you to them and it's great to have a happy trip with us!

  • Ma**************er
    2024-01-01 21:21:37

    Great tour!

  • SH*********AD
    2024-01-01 18:54:58

    we loved the tour, we had the best guide " BEN" in the whole world, Ben gave us lot of interesting information, he was very patient and i think he was better than all the tour guides. Bocaue one group was behind us and one was front of us, but he was the only one i saw was very friendly and he took our pictures, he set up all of our phone, we were group of 12 ppl, he took every one of our pictures, greeted us in our language. Tour was good but he made it the BEST.

  • pr**************ri
    2024-01-01 17:30:55

    very good and nice guide Marquee

  • Ki*************on
    2024-01-01 07:36:30

    A must see in Page! Our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. I would recommend not using the shuttle service, the waiting area is easy to drive to and you won’t have to sit around for long periods of time waiting for your driver.

  • El*******lt
    2023-12-31 18:01:30

    The lower canyon tour is amazing! If you are able to hike it, I would suggest that one. Our tour guide Keanu was absolutely the best. Malcom also provided so much information. Keanu took the time to take photos for everyone in our group. As a photographer I can tell you, trust him with your phone. You will not be disappointed. The entire staff is polite and seems to be very proud of their natural wonder. Can’t recommend this place enough!

  • St*********al
    2023-12-30 20:59:25

    Amazing experience, our tour guide Jonas was fantastic. This trip has been on my bucket list for quite some time. So glad we finally got to see the canyon. Plan ahead as this tour sells out way in advance, and be on time for your scheduled booking. The instructions are very clear about their timeliness policy. This keeps the tours running on schedule for the day.

  • El*********ri
    2023-12-30 19:11:42

    Great tour and friendly guides, quick 1h15 min tour right from the parking lot. Small Groups of 15 people but be prepared to wait. Canyon is narrow so single file is required. You can't bring bags of any type and good walking shoes are recommended. We went at 12pm in the winter but the sun wouldn't shine all the way down, summer probably better for lighting

  • Jo****************om
    2023-12-29 14:35:16

    The most beautiful place I have ever seen!! All the people were so friendly and our tour guides that we had were outstanding! I cant stop talking about how amazing everything was and everyone ive shown pictures to cant believe they are real. Definitely coming back again in the future!

  • pr**************ri
    2023-12-28 20:00:52

    very good

  • Sh************rn
    2023-12-27 19:58:32

    My family really enjoyed this tour. Highly recommended.

  • Ri**********an
    2023-12-27 19:01:15

    Best experience of the American trip! Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you to Neris for being a GREAT and EXCELLENT tour guide! He gave great information about the canyon itself and it was very nice to hear about the Native American Culture. Great respect. A++

  • Pe*****en
    2023-12-25 18:02:51

    The view was fantastic and the tour guide is very patient.

  • He******an
    2023-12-22 18:33:31

    Friendly, knowledgeable, professional guide

  • A**l
    2023-12-16 21:01:54

    Easy to book by using alternative tour options available

  • Ma*********ga
    2023-12-13 21:17:40

    Great booking experience. Better availability compared to other sites. Can't wait for the tour! Keep up the good work.

  • Po******en
    2023-12-12 18:13:36


  • Am*********er
    2023-12-05 19:24:27

    This was the most amazing experience. Our tour guide was so awesome and full of knowledge. He even showed us how to take some fun pictures and capture some amazing shots. Highly recommend booking with them!

  • Mi********un
    2023-12-05 19:12:04

    Our guide Ben on this trip is so dope! He is so funny and knows every detail in the lower antelope. And his photo skills are outstanding if someone comes to his tour, make sure to let him do the photo job, you will thank me!

  • Kh***********al
    2023-12-05 11:36:20

    Marvin and Leslie were top notch guides and I had an amazing time at the lower antelope Grand Canyon. I thought the hike was going to be longer and there was more time left but for some reason it was relatively short. The amount of stops and breaks was sufficient and vegetarian food was alright. I enjoyed the movies they played throughout the ride as well as the stories Marvin shared. My group was really great and we made it back to Vegas on time.

  • Al*************le
    2023-12-02 00:59:42

    Very straightforward booking ( and paying for ) Antelope Canyon trip. Made booking well in advance of chosen date , so had excellent choice of time slot!

  • Ya****ng
    2023-12-01 12:29:58

    Very good experience

  • Pe*********ey
    2023-11-29 19:35:01

    This was the most amazing tour I have done in a very long time. Initially I thought it was a bit expensive, but I would pay the price again in a heartbeat beat. It was breathtaking, even..…. Spiritual!!! I will be talking of this experience for years to come. Our guide Colby was great. He showed us how to take the best pictures of this amazing place and gave us great insights into the Navajo family structure and other traditional aspects of their lives. I can recommend this tour more highly.

  • Do******th
    2023-11-29 05:58:22

    This was one of the highlights of our trip. Dena was our guide and she helped us take great photos and to experience the beauty and history of the canyon.

  • KU************HI
    2023-11-27 05:28:46

    that was the wonderful and exciting experience.

  • Ud****************na
    2023-11-26 20:40:45

    Great booking experience. Will update again after the visit.

  • Da***la
    2023-11-26 20:15:01

    Absolutely loved the tour. Our guide Daron was the best. We have such a great time walking through the canyon and listening to his stories about how the canyon formed and all other interesting stuff. He's also a good photographer! The pictures he took of me and my friends were awesome!!! We didn't have any cash with us and were not able to tip him :( i wish they had paypal, Venmo barcodes so people can tip the tour guides. 5 out of 5!!

  • P**th
    2023-11-25 23:57:38

    Good experience overall and prompt booking confirmation!

  • Li*******ng
    2023-11-25 04:44:38

    Amazing experience. Absolutely must do. Tour guide, Apphia, was THE best. Kind, patient, knowledgeable. If this is not on your itinerary or is slightly out of the way, find a way!

  • La******ca
    2023-11-23 21:25:31

    Super recommended excursion, the guides are friendly and explain the entire route very well

  • ca*****98
    2023-11-23 07:37:57

    Malcom is one of the best guides I’ve ever met.

  • Ya*********an
    2023-11-23 07:19:15

    Easy to use. Hope there is a wonderful trip later. Thank you!

  • Ya********in
    2023-11-22 05:23:18

    Phenomenal experience and unforgettable adventure.

  • Er******on
    2023-11-21 22:16:00

    The booking process was easy, now just anxiously awaiting the trip.

  • Po***********di
    2023-11-21 12:36:28


  • La********er
    2023-11-19 22:12:12

    Ben was our guide, and he was very informative and knowledgeable. He advised us on how to take the best pictures and also took great pictures of us at different spots. Definitely recommend this experience!

  • Ga*******er
    2023-11-14 18:10:46

    One of God's great Delights!! So breathtaking! Guides were so good, informative and humorous! Was a lil challenging to find the right place.

  • Ci**********en
    2023-11-13 15:12:41

    Jayc was a wonderful guide! She shared a lot of great historical information about the canyon, and was very helpful giving us help with photos.

  • Ch***********el
    2023-11-10 21:41:39

    Very easy to book

  • bl********mj
    2023-11-07 19:13:03


  • Ch****************om
    2023-11-05 20:53:32

    Tour guide was amazing. Help with our phones took amazing pictures. She deserves a raise. Very knowledgeable

  • Ma**********es
    2023-11-03 16:03:06

    Nice tour.great guide

  • Ro***********to
    2023-11-01 13:42:53

    Easy access.. I didn’t have any problem booking my tour with my group..

  • Ha*******so
    2023-11-01 13:42:00

    I have seen videos and advertisements for years with images and videos of the colorful rock formations. As a result seeing them in person was on my bucket list. I decided to make an adventure to see these wonder for myself. I was able to visit both canyons, upper and lower, during my visit and neither disappointed. My only regret was not seeing them sooner. My guides were very knowledgeable and always willing to take individual pictures of all desiring one. If you ever have the opportunity to visit these wonderful canyons do so.

  • St*******ng
    2023-10-30 17:01:37

    Booking process was easy! Can't wait for our trip! Hopefully we will have a blast or else I will have to change my rating...

  • Ya************au
    2023-10-25 21:16:08

    Absolutely stunning

  • Yo**in
    2023-10-24 11:18:59

    I booked lower Antelope Canyon for my family. I'm really excited for the tour!

  • Lo**********ns
    2023-10-23 21:33:17

    What an excellent tour we had today with Mariah and Sandra. Thank you for answering all of our questions and so much more. The slot canyons were amazing and Sandra’s guiding was fantastic. So many stories to go along with the tour. We would do this again!!

  • La***********or
    2023-10-23 17:36:31

    Absolutely amazing experience. I will be back with more friends.

  • Ke***********on
    2023-10-23 02:39:58

    Eduardo (apologize if spelling is incorrect) - was very helpful. Great customer service. I tried to book CamyonX 6 hour tour and the website showed it was available. It wasn’t, so that was a tad upsetting. Mind you, I’m going out over Thanksgiving. I did find out a resort bought out over a weeks worth of yours. To get money refunded was easy. I then booked antelope canyon, horseshoe bend & Glen dam tour. I’m a hobbyist photographer and Eduardo was patient with me to ensure I got what I needed. I’m on the fence about doing one more excursion or just to explore. I would definitely recommend this company., they are knowledgeable. Now comes the hard part….waiting for the trip.

  • Ma********PA
    2023-10-22 18:34:13

    Ro was a great guide. He was informative and he had the best music to share to us while in the canyon. It was truly and unforgettable tour.

  • Br**********ki
    2023-10-22 12:51:43

    Very happy with the booking experience. I used email. All my questions were answered and advice given to see 3 attractions in 2 days. Kinks to accomplish the itinerary we're provided, and UT all worked out. Thanks

  • Ma****************io
    2023-10-19 18:34:34

    Me and my sister had a great time. Lower antelope canyon is beyond beautiful and amazing, we are in awe!

  • Ch********en
    2023-10-18 21:15:59

    Lower Antelope Canyon was an amazing experience. Our guide Jacob was awesome and not only told us all the stories of the canyon, but also pointed out the best photo shots and items of interest. He even played the music flute for us in the canyon. Our personal photos look like those on your website, which to capture the same image ourselves was not only fantastic but incredible. It was certainly a highlight of our canyon adventures and one that will always be remembered when back in Australia. Liza & Chris.

  • To********ch
    2023-10-11 08:41:43

    The tour of Lower Antelope Canyon was a breathtaking experience. One of the wonders of the world.

  • Ri*****lf
    2023-10-05 19:02:57

    This was an experience we have been wanting to do for five years and so glad we finally did. Our driver/guide Rib was amazing. Incredibly informative and patient. Chris at Monument Valley and Muskogee at the canyon were also excellent. Only downside was we were taken unawares at how strenuous the climbing in the lower antelope canyon was. It was worth it, but at times was somewhat frightening. Myako couldn’t have been more helpful and patient.

  • Ke******tt
    2023-10-05 17:35:28

    Stop thinking and BOOK THIS TOUR!! Kyle was our guide and he was AMAZING! He showed us on his phone when the canyon had flooded, provided us with insight about the area and the Navajo, and played the Navajo flute for us. He also gave the best tips about photo taking and showed us the best place to take photos. He’s a genius! There was also a hoop dancer sharing his craft while we waited for the tour to begin. There was also a gift shop/snack bar! Be advised: they have a strict no bag policy; I saw some people arguing this point. It’s really no big deal, just plan ahead.

  • Di*********ne
    2023-10-04 14:55:11

    easy to book and we look forward to our upcoming experience to visit Lower Antelope Canyon later this month!

  • wu***er
    2023-10-03 19:45:24

    Rod was a knowledgeable guide and did a great job! Thanks!

  • An*******an
    2023-10-02 14:29:45

    Excellent customer service

  • Ju*******os
    2023-09-30 22:53:58

    Amazing experience our tour guide was super nice and kind highly recommended

  • Br********rd
    2023-09-26 19:54:04

    Had friends in town from Germany, they were breath-taken and so was I. Being a native I have always wanted to visit and finally got to! So happy I did, totally worth it and can't wait to come back!

  • La***********ol
    2023-09-24 13:29:35

    We had absolutely fabulous time at animal Canyon. Our guide, Eder, was amazing, and showed us how to get the best photos in the canyon. We almost didn’t go here on our two-week road trip, but some friends of ours suggested it and we are so glad we went out of our way to come here. One of the highlights of our trips.

  • Ve********is
    2023-09-15 08:15:15

    Our guide, Tony, was amazing. He was very informative and gave us lots of information. He took time to help us set our camera settings for the best pictures and he even took pictures of us. All of our pictures turned out amazing. It is definitely worth the trip to see the lower canyon and I just can't say enough good things about our experience it was wonderful.

  • Al*********mi
    2023-09-10 19:59:58

    Our tour guide was amazing good and he made our visit memorable with a lot of knowledge. I guess his name was Robert Bluekake.

  • si**ia
    2023-08-29 01:12:47

    Great organization and very nice person!

  • Tr********ce
    2023-08-27 06:44:35

    Super fast and easy to book my excursion.

  • Ro***et
    2023-08-04 20:25:23

    Beautiful trip and explaination

  • ra***ys
    2023-07-06 16:05:33


  • Ar********as
    2023-06-09 23:11:14

    It was an amazing experience & enjoyed our visit there

  • Sh*****va
    2023-06-07 10:41:42

    This is a long day but I have to give credit to the staff for making it all happen successfully and safely. From the early start to the late finish the staff politely kept us on time so we wouldn't miss our canyon walks while providing complimentary water, energy bars and later a turkey (or veg) sandwich. That said, what really kept me going was the humor and motivational steers from our host so a big thank you to the crew!

  • Da********en
    2023-05-26 07:12:23

    Fairly straightforward booking site for tours into Antelope Canyon.

  • m.****er
    2023-05-18 20:38:19

    Really, reallye great stuff. Our tourguide has done a good job - he made a lot of photos for us with many tips and tricks for using our phones (Apple &Samsung)

  • Se***********ll
    2023-05-15 20:17:16

    Magnifique visite d’un lieu magique. Organisation parfaite un guide pro et sympa… qui ma?trise la photo sur smartphone !!

  • Al**************ti
    2023-05-09 05:57:20

    We have been in the lower antelope 7:45 tour and it was beautiful. Huge credit to our guide Nate who knows every corner of the Canyon, is really friendly and funny and knows how to take the perfect picture in every single step. If you are doubt, you should definitely book this activity, it will add something special to your trip.

  • Ma*************te
    2023-04-30 15:15:11

    Superbe exp?rience, bon rythme avec le guide et la possibilit? de prendre beaucoup de photos. Guide tr?s sympathique et serviable. Je voyage solo et il a pris une dizaine de photos de moi avec sourire et gentillesse.

  • Yu******an
    2023-04-25 05:42:55

    I have great time, it's beautful place.

  • To********on
    2023-04-21 19:46:14

    It was an absolutely fantastic tour to see the Upper Antelope Canyon. The guide was very helpful with some great shots along the way. Spectacular.

  • Su**********ns
    2023-04-21 19:13:55

    Beautiful! Guide Amber was AWESOME, and so sweet! She took many pics for us, she knows the great spots for photos. Definitely recommend!

  • xa****22
    2023-04-15 01:05:02

    Ver good!!

  • Sa*******ta
    2023-04-03 19:00:14

    Excellent tour!

  • Sa*******ta
    2023-04-03 06:39:36

    Beautiful tour!

  • pe**_7
    2023-03-23 18:43:43

    Ken is a tour guide. He is very professional, respectful, fun, and well rounded. I will recommend this company because of Ken! Thank you for making this trip a beautiful memory. He took pictures for us, and please show the local tour guide your appreciation by listening to what to do and what not to do while your in there, also giving gratuity to the tour guide since he does such a great job taking your pictures! dont worry about not getting good pictures Ken knows what to do. Recommend!!!

  • fr****an
    2023-03-16 22:45:28

    Such a memorable visit. The location - the canyon - lived up to expectations, or actually exceeded them. The tour was world class. Our guide, Ian, was so knowledgeable, friendly and thoughtful. He gave us so much respect for Dixie, and the work culture you maintain. Thank you!

  • M**co
    2023-03-07 19:24:08

    The trip was wonderful

  • A*e
    2023-03-01 23:56:50

    Its was very beautiful and the men of the guide was so good. We enjoy a lot. Thank you.

  • li**********oa
    2023-02-04 17:48:47

    We had a GREAT experience at the Lower Antelope Canyon!! Our guide Kevin was really nice and explained everything we asked (and by the way, he took the best photos ever!) We highly recommend this tour.

  • M**H
    2023-02-02 01:14:02

    will see the tour!

  • na***ha
    2023-02-01 13:12:38

    Simone was patient and very informative! Great tour. Didn’t feel rushed at all!

  • Ch*******er
    2023-01-27 18:09:34

    Our guide was amazing

  • hu******55
    2023-01-02 19:12:12

    Tour guide was the best !!!!!

  • al************et
    2022-11-28 18:02:28

    Our guide was amazing and the canyon was incredible! It made our Thanksgiving!!

  • Bh**at
    2022-11-26 22:09:46

    Best experience

  • kh****01
    2022-11-24 21:47:32

    The tour is amazing! Garret is an excellent guide is very knowledgeable about the area and how to take the best pictures at the best angles. I feel like I got some professional photos based on his help.

  • Ra***nd
    2022-11-10 15:20:24

    Very easy. Thank’s

  • ma*************er
    2022-11-03 08:24:18

    Jose was an super Guide, we had a wonderful time there.

  • Ci****oo
    2022-11-02 06:01:09

    As Canadians, we first thought the price was a bit steep but it was on our bucket list so we went ahead and booked. Well, what an amazing experience! Our guide Kayson was knowledgeable, funny and very helpful. He assisted us with our cameras to get the most perfect photos and constantly checked on our safety. I would highly recommend this tour and it was well worth every penny! Thank you!!

  • Ci****oo
    2022-10-26 08:44:50

    It was the most incredible tour we’ve ever been on! Our guide, Kayson, was extremely knowledgeable, humorous and helpful especially with assisting us to capture the best photos! Thank you so much!

  • ki*****hr
    2022-10-20 18:11:13

    A realy good Guide with beautiful pictures and a nice hour of Wow !!!

  • D**na
    2022-10-10 14:39:29

    Fast Respond and can give suggestion from our inquiries

  • J**a
    2022-10-08 16:59:52

    Our tour was interesting and informative. Brian S was our guide and made it so much fun for our family of 3.

  • er********ci
    2022-09-30 03:17:41

    Kennedy was a great guide. He made the trip! He also has the most amazing photography skills. I have already told friends and family to take the tour!!!

  • R**a
    2022-04-01 09:18:01

    Luckily we booked the tour a couple of days before and managed to get a couple of spots for canyon X. The driver Wayne was great, very entertaining and did his best to ensure we had maximum time at Horseshoe and the Canyon. He gave a lot of interesting facts about vegas, places on the way and the canyons. He was very honest, friendly and funny. We also had an amazing guide at canyon X (Marco). He was patient with us, never rushed us and most importantly, he helped us get amazing pics that looked like a professional photographer took them. He recommended the best spots to take pics and even changed the settings on our phones for the best effects and took them for us at times. I wholeheartedly recommend the tour, it was a fantastic experience and I’m so glad I got to experience and see it in my lifetime. My only comment would be, for the high price and taking into account we only have two very short stop times/rest breaks, food or a lunch should have been included. We left at 5.30am and arrived back at 8pm. In the approx 5hrs on the way there, we only had 1x 20/25mins rest stop to use the bathroom and get food with only one very slow, understaffed, average food option available. There were much better places with more food options we could have stopped at for the break. The 20/25mins stop on the way back was MUCH better, great selection of food choices and a lot more staff around to help.

  • sh*************ya
    2022-03-30 20:45:26

    The trip was great, had a lot of fun. Leo and Marvin were great as well. Would recommend. Make sure you are on time though, they can be strict about it.

  • Ow****in
    2022-03-23 08:29:06

    customer service staff was extremely friendly and helping explaining the details on the Lower Antelope and Horseshoe bend tour.

  • Na***rn
    2022-01-04 17:36:31

    I really enjoyed it that was awesome!

  • Na***rn
    2022-01-04 17:36:02

    That was really amazing experience!!

  • Y*
    2022-01-01 11:11:52

    Excellent service. I loved every moment with them. Thank you so much!

  • M**y
    2021-12-03 06:23:06

    Very good

  • S**i
    2021-11-28 17:39:21

    Excellent trip. Outstanding crew. Safe drivers. Good caring like loved ones. Good knowledge sharing by wine(sorry if spelling is wrong). One suggestion: Bus staring point need be given correctly as we are new to that place and nobody knows Belly’s north point. It’s Uber pickup point. Better send the pinned location through SMS

  • jo********ng
    2021-09-29 13:41:11

    Excellent customer service during booking process


1. Do I need to join a guided tour?

Yes. Lower Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Nation and is considered a Navajo Park. Tribal law requires that everyone visiting Lower Antelope Canyon must be accompanied by a Tour Guide.

2. What can I bring on tour?

1 Clear – Transparent Bag; Camera; Water Bottle; Cell Phone.

3. What can I NOT bring on tour?

Go Pro; Tripods / Monopod / Selfie Sticks / Stabilizers; Purse / Side purse / Wristlet / Fanny Pack; Bag / Backpack / Draw String bag / Hydration Bag.

4. What is Antelope Canyon's time zone?

Antelope Canyon is located in ARIZONA TIME (Summer time: Same time as Pacific Time; Winter time Same time as Mountain Time. – No Daylight Saving Time – Not Utah Time – Not Navajo Nation Time). All times on confirmations and vouchers are shown in Arizona Time. Because the Utah State Line is less than 7 miles away, cell phone towers from Utah (and the surrounding Navajo Nation) often will be the wrong time. Please manually set your cell phone to Phoenix, AZ time.

5. Are service animals or pets allowed in the canyon?

We are sorry! Due to the wide range of people that go into the canyon we don’t allow any Service animals or Pets to go on tour. We also do not have any leashing area you can leave your pet. Please make arrangements before booking your tour.

6. Do I need to checkin earlier than the tour departure time?

Please arrive 1 hour early from your confirmed tour time to check-in. All groups who have not checked-in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the tour have forfeited their reservation and those seats will be filled with walk-ups. No refunds will be given in this situation.

7. Is there cell phone coverage in Antelope Canyon Area?

Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon areas are in Navajo Reservation and have very limited resources such as: Wifi, cell phone coverage, running water, ATM. All of these resources can be found in Page, AZ. Page, which is 10-15 minutes drive away. Please prepare cash, print voucher beforehand and bring all necessary documents with you.