Lower Antelope Canyon

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About Navajo Lower Antelope Slot Canyon Guided Tours
Lower Antelope Slot Canyon is one of the most exquisitely photographed attractions in the American Southwest.
This incredible canyon has been created over millions of years by the relentless forces of water and wind, slowly carving and sculpting the sandstone into forms, textures, and shapes which we observe today.The views in Lower Antelope Canyon change constantly as the sun moves across the sky, filtering lights softly across the stone walls. These ever-moving sun angles bounce light back and forth across the narrow canyon’s walls, creating a dazzling display of color, light, and shadow.
Visitors come from all over the world to experience Lower Antelope Canyon’s majestic beauty. Lower Antelope Canyon is a “Bucket List” must do!
Lower Antelope Canyon
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Lower Antelope Canyon Reviews

  • S**an
    2022-06-19 11:08:01

    Awesome guide and great experience! Going at prime time is worth the money.

  • su*******er
    2022-06-18 18:43:03

    Our tour was at 3:30 at the heat of the day but luckily it wasn’t too hot in the canyon. We missed the peak lighting time too and everything was still breathtakingly gorgeous. After reading reviews, I was worried about my 7 year old son being able to make it through since his endurance isn’t that great but the stairs are spaced out enough that you’re not climbing a ton of stairs all at once. It held his attention the entire time as well which is kind of hard to do. Our guide Ben was amazing making sure everyone in our group got the best photo shots in the canyon- those alone are worth the price of the tour. Would definitely recommend and we can’t wait to go back and do more.

  • de************n8
    2022-06-18 16:32:30

    Wow! The Lower Antelope Canyon tour was amazingly beautiful!!! Our guide was super knowledgeable and friendly! It was a great experience! I highly recommend!!

  • S**tt
    2022-06-18 14:33:28

    Visiting Antelope Canyon was the best part of our Arizona trip. We loved it and we had a great guide.

  • Jo******ms
    2022-06-15 17:37:39

    Thanks to our tour guide Lydell this was one of the best experiences we had while in Page for a few days.

  • to***********nd
    2022-06-14 19:22:35

    Our experience at antelope canyon was unbelievable. Every turn & angle was a different sight to see. We did the lower canyon & I definitely recommend it. It was worth every penny.

  • st***********gi
    2022-06-14 18:33:32

    Uno spettacolo della natura da vedere. Importante scegliere il giusto orario per poter vedere le diverse sfumature di colore . Molto brava la guida per le foto con il cellulare.

  • to*******e1
    2022-06-14 05:06:41

    Well done

  • Ma*****ra
    2022-06-12 18:42:00

    Impressive experience in this beatiful place and perfect organization! Thank you to Ana for a professional and kindly support.

  • Fr************an
    2022-06-12 13:28:36


  • Fr************an
    2022-06-12 13:28:02


  • ti*****rr
    2022-06-11 20:06:45

    I would like to start by saying thank you very much, we booked this tour over two years ago they couldn't go because of COVID, this tour has been reserved for us until now. the impressions of the tour were breathtakingly great, our guide (6/10/2022, 12:15 p.m. first group) did a great job, thank you again. we can highly recommend this tour, everything was great and professional.

  • 81******rk
    2022-06-10 16:21:45

    We went on a lower Antelope Tour. I wish I could remember our guide's name because he did an amazing job and shared several stories about the canyons. He helped took some great pictures for us and showed us some new tricks for picture taking. This tour is a definite must if you are visiting Page.

  • A*n
    2022-06-08 13:27:25

    Jerry absolutely made our trip to Arizona the best family event ever. He was informative, kind, and knew his stuff. He took great pictures that will be shared for years. THANKS!

  • C**u
    2022-06-08 10:43:54


  • he***56
    2022-06-06 11:28:04

    What an awesome place! So beautiful. Our guide was great pointing everything out and taking pictures and showing us how to get the best pictures. Told lots of interesting stories. Would do again.

  • A**ie
    2022-06-06 11:08:16

    This was one of the best experiences/favorite part of our first time trip to Arizona. Our guide was amazing, she was knowledgeable and I was glad that she was able to take some pictures for us which came out way better than the pictures we took. The lower canyon itself was just so beautiful and we can't wait to come back again for the upper canyon or antelope X canyon.

  • L**ry
    2022-06-06 07:27:09

    Beautiful trip and our guide was amazing!

  • K**a
    2022-06-06 01:11:26

    Best place ever.

  • Gi*******zo
    2022-06-05 01:07:38


  • S**a
    2022-06-04 19:57:42

    Had an awesome experience- our guide helped us take amazing pictures!

  • Ga****la
    2022-06-03 22:34:23

    Very easy contact and booking! Looking forward for our tour! :)

  • su**********hi
    2022-06-03 09:22:52

    Good service !

  • T*9
    2022-06-02 08:51:55

    Best experience ever

  • si**gk
    2022-05-27 12:58:50

    Photos don't do any justice, you need to experience the lower canyons. I would like to thank Rose and Sonja for all the running around to make sure I get a chance to take a tour. I missed my tour due to traffic and they did everything on their behalf to make sure I was on the waitlist to join in. Super kind and sweet!! Thank you ladies for all your help.

  • p.*******ck
    2022-05-27 08:28:51

    Great Tour!

  • SU***IT
    2022-05-25 09:21:51

    very much appreciated with prompt response over call and email.

  • L**ty
    2022-05-14 19:00:53

    Natural beauty beyond belief! Our guide, Gene, was awesome. Knowledgeable on local history and takes some great canyon pics for those in his tour.

  • Y**a
    2022-05-13 10:22:52

    Thanks for the quick response.

  • M**a
    2022-05-12 17:08:40

    Josh was great!

  • C**l
    2022-05-11 18:45:53

    Very beautiful

  • ku****83
    2022-05-07 19:19:38

    Great experience thanks to our fantastic guide Tony

  • ro****il
    2022-05-04 21:01:50

    LOVED LOVED LOVED!! Tried & failed for 5 days to get the Wave Canyon Lotto but our Lower Antelope negated that loss, amazing! Went with Dixie’s, groups of 10, didn’t feel rushed, lots of time to appreciate the wonder & our leader Mac shared his interest & knowledge of his culture, the geology & iPhone photo techniques. If you don’t respect their mask policy you’ll be escorted out. .

  • rh******fm
    2022-04-26 22:15:27

    I was in both, Upper and Lower Canyon. My Favorite is the lower Canyon, less people, a great Tourguide, giving tips for fotos, and indee I made app. 100 pc. The better option if you dont have a perfect camera, use your iPhone !!! Dont worrie about the safe steps down and up. I felt pretty, also the price is okay. Rolf ( Germany )

  • S*p
    2022-04-26 20:14:34

    It was an amazing experience. Melado is the best. We were 6 of us and the made us feel like in a movie. Thank you

  • R**a
    2022-04-01 09:18:01

    Luckily we booked the tour a couple of days before and managed to get a couple of spots for canyon X. The driver Wayne was great, very entertaining and did his best to ensure we had maximum time at Horseshoe and the Canyon. He gave a lot of interesting facts about vegas, places on the way and the canyons. He was very honest, friendly and funny. We also had an amazing guide at canyon X (Marco). He was patient with us, never rushed us and most importantly, he helped us get amazing pics that looked like a professional photographer took them. He recommended the best spots to take pics and even changed the settings on our phones for the best effects and took them for us at times. I wholeheartedly recommend the tour, it was a fantastic experience and I’m so glad I got to experience and see it in my lifetime. My only comment would be, for the high price and taking into account we only have two very short stop times/rest breaks, food or a lunch should have been included. We left at 5.30am and arrived back at 8pm. In the approx 5hrs on the way there, we only had 1x 20/25mins rest stop to use the bathroom and get food with only one very slow, understaffed, average food option available. There were much better places with more food options we could have stopped at for the break. The 20/25mins stop on the way back was MUCH better, great selection of food choices and a lot more staff around to help.

  • sh*************ya
    2022-03-30 20:45:26

    The trip was great, had a lot of fun. Leo and Marvin were great as well. Would recommend. Make sure you are on time though, they can be strict about it.

  • Ow****in
    2022-03-23 08:29:06

    customer service staff was extremely friendly and helping explaining the details on the Lower Antelope and Horseshoe bend tour.

  • Na***rn
    2022-01-04 17:36:31

    I really enjoyed it that was awesome!

  • Na***rn
    2022-01-04 17:36:02

    That was really amazing experience!!

  • Y*
    2022-01-01 11:11:52

    Excellent service. I loved every moment with them. Thank you so much!

  • M**y
    2021-12-03 06:23:06

    Very good

  • S**i
    2021-11-28 17:39:21

    Excellent trip. Outstanding crew. Safe drivers. Good caring like loved ones. Good knowledge sharing by wine(sorry if spelling is wrong). One suggestion: Bus staring point need be given correctly as we are new to that place and nobody knows Belly’s north point. It’s Uber pickup point. Better send the pinned location through SMS

  • jo********ng
    2021-09-29 13:41:11

    Excellent customer service during booking process

  • R*y
    2019-09-26 12:36:13

    Beautiful Views and Good Tour Guide

  • dz**ng
    2019-08-21 22:33:37

    Tim was so helpful and helped everyone get the trip done perfectly even if a lady was sick due to the extreme heat. He took care the lady and led everyone to a great trip. Nice guy!

  • w**tk
    2019-01-24 23:30:54

    Quiet simple description of this one-day tour when I saw it at website, but it did really solid and wonderful when you experienced. We were asked to assemble at 6:00 am, it was quite early but was on time. After a quick breakfast, we headed to Horseshoe Bend. Be prepared, you would spend really long time in van. Horseshoe Bend was amazing and enormous that the words and pictures could not embody its beauty. Our guide was excellent and showed us how to set up our phones to take good pictures that we did not know this information before. He did the decent job and arranged everything orderly during this one-day trip. We chose the upper Canyon and entered at noon. Waited in a quite long queue it was another terrible thing that really disappointed us although we had heard before. The canyon itself was fantastic, truly one of the most attractions I had ever seen before. Strongly commend this trip, and lower Antelope will be more preferred for the further chance if I had another time.

  • wa*********ve
    2018-09-03 23:31:53

    A Must-see place in your lifetime! Don’t miss it if you have time! Stunning natural environments that deserve you to experience by yourself only!

  • eg*****ne
    2018-01-18 23:31:27

    Stunning scenery I had never seen before though I did traveled lots of famous places in my past 40’s years. Antelope Canyon was so different and unique comparing to others. Red rocks, spectacular shapes and incredible color all these factors created its fabulous. Taking pictures was a must thing for all people, and we did really recommend the photography group to have more time taking photos of its wonder.

  • co**********el
    2017-11-24 23:32:10

    If regarded Horseshoe Bend as a wonderful natural environment that deserved you to see, so Antelope Canyon was such incredible and stunning that no one could describe its shocking view before you had truly seen it! Our tour guide was humorous, knowledgeable but decent as well. I will memory this experience and recommend it to my family and friends.


1. Do I need to join a guided tour?

Yes. Lower Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Nation and is considered a Navajo Park. Tribal law requires that everyone visiting Lower Antelope Canyon must be accompanied by a Tour Guide.

2. What can I bring on tour?

1 Clear – Transparent Bag; Camera; Water Bottle; Cell Phone.

3. What can I NOT bring on tour?

Go Pro; Tripods / Monopod / Selfie Sticks / Stabilizers; Purse / Side purse / Wristlet / Fanny Pack; Bag / Backpack / Draw String bag / Hydration Bag.

4. What is Antelope Canyon's time zone?

Antelope Canyon is located in ARIZONA TIME (Summer time: Same time as Pacific Time; Winter time Same time as Mountain Time. – No Daylight Saving Time – Not Utah Time – Not Navajo Nation Time). All times on confirmations and vouchers are shown in Arizona Time. Because the Utah State Line is less than 7 miles away, cell phone towers from Utah (and the surrounding Navajo Nation) often will be the wrong time. Please manually set your cell phone to Phoenix, AZ time.

5. Are service animals or pets allowed in the canyon?

We are sorry! Due to the wide range of people that go into the canyon we don’t allow any Service animals or Pets to go on tour. We also do not have any leashing area you can leave your pet. Please make arrangements before booking your tour.

6. Do I need to checkin earlier than the tour departure time?

Please arrive 1 hour early from your confirmed tour time to check-in. All groups who have not checked-in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the tour have forfeited their reservation and those seats will be filled with walk-ups. No refunds will be given in this situation.

7. Is there cell phone coverage in Antelope Canyon Area?

Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon areas are in Navajo Reservation and have very limited resources such as: Wifi, cell phone coverage, running water, ATM. All of these resources can be found in Page, AZ. Page, which is 10-15 minutes drive away. Please prepare cash, print voucher beforehand and bring all necessary documents with you.